Collection of creative and unusual bicycle designs from around the world - PART 2.

Polygon Bike Concept


Polygon bike design concept inspired by a music player.Polygon Bike Concept
Polygon Bike Concept 02


Sandwich Bike

Currently in prototype stage, the bike frame is made of two wooden plates, and four identical ’smart cylinders’. It ships flat and can be assembled at home with a single tool.
Sandwich Bike 01

Oryx Bicycle Concept

Oryx is an innovative time trial bike with a one-sided fork and chain-stay. Due to its Y-frame shape, it’s comfortably shock-proof without loosing ground contact.
Oryx Bicycle Concept 01
Oryx Bicycle Concept 02
Oryx Bicycle Concept 03

Taurus Bicycle Concept

The Taurus bike has a unique design that always keeps the body in a leaning forward position. The bike seems perfect to tone legs with innovative pedals. Pedaling these is more like climbing stairs than anything else.
Taurus Bicycle Concept 01
Taurus Bicycle Concept 02

One - Folding Bicycle Concept

When open, ‘One’ is a comfortable stylish bicycle that not only offers all the benefits of cycling, but with its revolutionary power assist system the user can cruise around with ease. When folded, ‘One’ turns into a smooth, light and compact case free of all dirty and protruding parts.
One - Folding Bicycle Concept 01
One - Folding Bicycle Concept 02

Walking Bike

Creative walking bike that actually works.
Walking Bike 01
Walking Bike 02



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  1. Termite Control Houston  

    November 26, 2010 at 3:40 AM

    Nice bikes design to see and i am glad that designers have not stop designing concepts of bikes. All of the designs are good but my favorite one is "Taurus bike", which has a unique design for pedaling. Thanks for sharing it....

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