Analog Tetris Game


Analog Tetris Game 01 Tetris could certainly be the most popular game in the history of video game, and it has led to several artistic and hi-tech gadgets being created. This time around, some folks have created an “analog” version of the game.

With blocks of colorful Tetris lined up on a certain apparatus, the creators of the analogue Tetris show how it can be played in “real”. Two people stand on either sides of the apparatus and create patterns like one would in the real Tetris game. The video below shows it in action (real action and visuals begin at almost a minute in).

The creation of an analog version of Tetris seems like a fun idea for it not only tests your mental ability to play video games, but also your tactical, visual and other senses.

Analog Tetris Game 06 The idea behind creating this game was to provide exercise to our muscles wherein playing Tetris on the computer or on a gadget would limit exercise activity to our retinas, fingers hands and brains.

This could be a great way to lose weight during breaks at the office as well!

Analog Tetris Game 00

Analog Tetris Game 02

Analog Tetris Game 03

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