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This year marks the 25th anniversary of seminal platforming great Super Mario Bros. Nintendo is celebrating by releasing a limited edition Wii game collection, but with three decades of gaming under his sagging belt, it's hardly the strangest piece of Mario memorabilia out there. Pop a mushroom and show your love for the rotund plumber with these awesome Mario products.



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Now you're eating with power! This goofy 80s cereal box was divided in half, with the very berry Legend of Zelda on one side and the fruit-flavored Mario bits on the other. Gross as it sounds, it's considered quite the collector's item, fetching a good $100 per box these days. Must be all the preservatives.



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Show your love for the portly plumber by slapping his picture all over the walls in your spare bedroom. These vinyl decals can be arranged any way you see fit, turning a day of home d├ęcor into a Super Mario level design class.



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Mario has made a nice living destroying bricks, but the artist behind this impressive Lego creation decided to give him a few back. Made up of some 40,000 Lego blocks, this man-sized Mario took 160 hours to create.



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The life-giving 1Up mushroom from Super Mario Bros. is one of the sweetest sights in gaming -- and thank to Thinkgeek, you can stare at one all day long in the form of this adorable, collectible desk companion. Just add dirt, and voila! Extra life!



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How much would you pay for this over-the-top slice of Mario madness? If you said "$2,600," you're spot on. Comprised of 10K solid yellow gold and encrusted with diamonds, this 4.25 carat pendant might be the fanciest plumber ever.



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Feel free to wear your Mario love on your sleeve with this cool sweater, but you'll have to plunk down 400 coins for it. Why so expensive? Because it's made by Shigesato Itoi, the designer of long-lost Nintendo classic Earthbound.

Source and photos: Yahoo! Games


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